About our journal range

Cecile Park Publishing (CPP) is a publisher of legal journals established in 1999 with the launch of the breakthrough print and online journal, E-Commerce Law & Policy. We now publish a range of law journals offering timely reporting and authoritative legal guidance on key growth areas.

Adept at identifying emerging business sectors with unique legal issues, our publications now include:

  • E-Commerce Law & Policy - specialising in the laws of e-commerce and online business
  • World Sports Law Report - in-depth analysis of sports law and sporting regulations
  • E-Commerce Law Reports - legal cases in e-commerce and online business
  • World Online Gambling Report - the specialist online gambling law journal
  • E-Finance & Payments Law & Policy - focused on laws relating to payments, digital finance and online banking
  • Data Protection Law & Policy - for data privacy and data protection professionals
  • Cyber Security Law & Practice - for a multi-disciplinary view on cyber security challenges
  • eHealth Law & Policy - covering legal and regulatory issues and providing industry perspectives in the digital health sector