We are Cecile Park Media – a publisher of world-leading legal publications. We specialise in monitoring, and alleviating, legal and regulatory risk in key business sectors. Our range of eight titles feature essential analysis and thought leadership, written by experts, for experts. Our global subscriber base is made up of legal and industry professionals, in-house counsel, consultants, regulators and academics.

Cyber Security Practitioner

Cyber Security Practitioner, formerly Cyber Security Law & Practice, is the latest publication from Cecile Park Media and launched in April 2015. This monthly publication provides a multi-disciplinary view on cyber security challenges facing global businesses and delivers insight into operational change. / read more

Data Protection Leader

Data Protection Leader, formerly Data Protection Law & Policy, launched in 2004 and is a monthly publication dedicated to ensuring that businesses and public services alike can find their way through the regulatory and organisational maze of data protection and data privacy compliance to reap the rewards of effective, well-regulated and transparent use of data. / read more

Digital Business Lawyer

Digital Business Lawyer - formerly E-commerce Law & Policy - was launched in 1999, the first of Cecile Park Media’s publication range. Digital Business Lawyer provides expert insight into the legal and regulatory developments that affect online businesses; areas covered include IP, privacy, apps, social media, and contracts. / read more

Leading Internet Case Law

Leading Internet Case Law - formerly E-commerce Law Reports - launched in 2001. This bimonthly publication addresses key legal cases with implications for online businesses; topics covered include software and IT, online media, copyright, distance selling and data protection / read more

Payments and FinTech Lawyer

Payments and FinTech Lawyer - formerly E-finance & Payments Law & Policy - launched in 2006 and is a monthly publication aimed at addressing the key legal and business issues for those involved in the ever-evolving payments and FinTech space. The publication covers mobile payments, digital currencies, payment services, crowdfunding, and much more. / read more

Digital Health Legal

Digital Health Legal, formerly eHealth Law & Policy, launched in November 2013 and is essential reading for professionals operating in the healthcare IT space, delivering razor-sharp analysis and insights on the legal and regulatory developments in eHealth across the globe and on the evolving technological solutions that are transforming healthcare. / read more

Online Gambling Lawyer

Launched in 2002, Online Gambling Lawyer - formerly World Online Gambling Law Report - provides expert, in-depth analysis of legal/regulatory developments in the online gambling space. This monthly title covers sports betting, taxation, advertising, payments, AML, and much more. / read more

World Sports Advocate

World Sports Advocate - formerly World Sports Law Report - launched in 2003 and addresses the key legal and business issues that face those involved in the sports industry. The publication provides comprehensive analysis of legal and regulatory issues across the sporting spectrum; topics include anti-doping, match-fixing, player contracts, broadcasting rights and more. / read more

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